Afroditi Goula, who lives and works in Thessaloniki, takes a leading part in the jewelry industry for the last 35 years.
Since 1985 she has been participating in the most popular exhibitions in Greece, Munich and New York


Some milestones of her career now highlighted as follows:
1992: Belle Etoile Luxembourg 

1993 & 94 : Creative women gathering of EU / Brussels 

1996: Collaboration with the sculptor and engraver Giannis Gourzis

1997: Women Creations Exhibition in Thessaloniki 

1997: Exhibition at Gallery Petradi in Larisa

2003: Collaboration with the Museum of Ancient, Byzantine and post Byzantine Musical Instruments

2004-2007: Expression and Design Helexpo Thessaloniki

2005: Founding member of Jewelry Art Workers J.A.W

2007: Greek Jewel  Subway station Athens

2007: J.A.W Water Gallery Marneri Athens

2008: Greek Jewel  Zappeion Megaron Athens

2008: J.A.W 50th international film festival 50 women's interpretation-50 jewels  Cultural exhibition hall Piraeus bank, Thessaloniki .

2009: J.A.W Travelling Water Bey Hamam Thessaloniki .

2010-2012: Group exhibition teamART BANK - ART CASH  Plaka, Aegina, Kerameikos.

2011: ART BANK Biennale Athens Monodromos

2011: J.A.W Drama and the Jewellery Michael Cacoyannis Foundation Athens.
2012: 2nd international edition of YEARBOOK and jewellery presentation at international exhibition JOYA Barcelona and IBER JOYA Madrid.
2014: J.A.W SYMBOLS Technopolis Gazi Athens
2016: NEW TERRITORIES Jewellery Museum Ilia Lalaouni

2017: TRINITY  Eleni Marneri Creative Gallery

2022: ΚΟΡΗ – Η Απαρχή KORI Gallery Athens

Her handmade creations are available in a large network of shops in Greece and abroad.